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Homeowners & Renters
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My Sunscription isn't working for me. How do I close or make adjustments to my Sunscription?
I'm moving. What options do I have to move or cancel my Sunscription?
I want to refer a friend to a Solar Garden. Where do I direct them and will I receive a referral bonus if they sign up?
If I have multiple properties or multiple accounts with my utility, can I subscribe all of them?
I'm considering or currently have an electric vehicle. Does that affect my Sunscription?
When will my Sunscription payments occur each month?
How big is my Sunscription? What does that mean for my savings?
Why are my credits and payments higher in some months and lower in other months?
I'm thinking about moving in the future. Should I subscribe to a Solar Garden or should I wait?
How does my Sunscription save me money?
Does US Solar have a referral program? How does it work?
What happens if a year is very cloudy or energy production is low?