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How much money am I saving?
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This article is for Xcel Energy and Black Hills Energy electric customers in Colorado.

Sunscription Bill Credits on My Electric Bill

Your Sunscription bill credits are applied directly to your electric bill. To see the credit amount and corresponding solar production period, locate your electric bill. You will find your credit listed as an additional line item.

Sunscription Payments

Each month, we will email you a statement that lists charges associated with the previous period's energy production. This statement will list the energy your portion of the Solar Garden produced and the corresponding payment due. The amount will be automatically deducted from the payment method you entered in to your Sunscription Dashboard. The statement email you receive in any given month reflects the previous period's total energy production.

Your Savings

Your savings is the difference between the Sunscription bill credits deducted from your electric bill and the Sunscription payments for the solar energy produced by your Sunscription. To understand your savings, make sure you're comparing the Sunscription credit and payment from the same calendar month or billing period.

$ Sunscription Bill Credits - $ Sunscription Payments = $ Savings

If you are a Colorado resident but aren't signed up for a Solar Garden yet

We'd be happy to provide you with some more information. Please fill out our sign up form here and our team will be in touch.

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