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I signed up for a Sunscription. When does it start?
I signed up for a Sunscription. When does it start?
Updated over a week ago

I have completed the sign-up process with Sunscription or US Solar; why am I not seeing anything on my electric bill or my Sunscription Dashboard?

The exact timing of when your Solar Garden starts producing energy is dependent on where your project is at in the construction process. If there's capacity in your area, we may be able to get your home into an active project within a couple months of you signing up. However, it is most common for subscribers to wait several months before their Solar Garden starts producing clean energy. But don't worry - you don't pay anything to Sunscription while you wait. You are simply reserving your spot in the project, and we will let you know when your project goes live.

When will my Solar Garden go online?

Our team will send regular Solar Garden Updates to you via email. These emails come from [email protected] and have a subject line starting with "An update on your Solar Garden." This is the best way to get up-to-date information about where your particular Garden is at in the construction process.

Not seeing the updates? This usually means our email has "bounced" and wasn't delivered to your email inbox. If you think this is the case, contact us so we can ensure we have accurate contact information for you.


A Solar Garden Update email said my Garden was producing energy, but I'm not seeing that reflected on my Sunscription Dashboard

When your Solar Garden starts producing energy, that energy production will not be reflected on your Sunscription Dashboard immediately. US Solar must wait for your utility to provide the official energy production data from your Solar Garden. The timing of when we receive this energy production data is dependent on what time of the month it is and your billing cycle. That means the most recent energy production data on your Sunscription Dashboard may reflect the energy produced from a few weeks to a month ago.

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