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What is a Community Solar Garden?
What is a Community Solar Garden?
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What is a Community Solar Garden?

  1. A solar energy project that covers several acres of land

  2. A more accessible source of clean electricity for renters, homeowners, and businesses when compared with rooftop solar installations

  3. An energy resource managed by solar developers that sends energy into your utility's existing power grid

Key benefits of Community Solar

  1. No equipment on your property

  2. No upfront cost to install solar panels

  3. Savings on your electric bills as the Solar Garden produces clean energy

How does Sunscription Community Solar work?

  1. Individuals and businesses "subscribe" to a Solar Garden to support clean, local energy production

  2. Members receive Solar Credits on their electric bill and make Sunscription payments based on the energy the Solar Garden produces

  3. Members stay connected to their utility, so your utility continues to deliver the same, reliable electric service to homes and businesses

  4. Sunscription Community Solar is flexible so it's easy to relocate, transfer, or cancel your Sunscription account

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