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What do I need to do to complete the Sunscription sign up process?
What do I need to do to complete the Sunscription sign up process?
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Sign Up Checklist

In order to fully sign up and formally reserve your spot in one of our Community Solar Gardens, you have to complete all of the following steps:

  1. Sign your Sunscription Agreement via DocuSign. This document contains information about your Community Solar Garden offering, how your subscription payments and bill credits work, and any required utility-specific documents.

  2. Set up your Sunscription Dashboard. This is your online portal where you can manage your Sunscription payments, analyze your savings, and learn more about your Solar Garden.

  3. Enter a payment method in your Sunscription Dashboard. Verifying your payment information in your Sunscription Dashboard is required to reserve your spot in the Solar Garden

  4. Other documents. Certain utilities and programs require additional documents be completed in order for you to participate in a Community Solar Garden.

    1. Illinois subscribers – The Illinois Shines Community Solar Program requires that you complete their Community Solar Disclosure form in addition to signing your agreement with US Solar.

Once all of the sign-up steps have been completed, your spot in a Community Solar Garden will be reserved for you. Keep in mind that oftentimes, Gardens don’t start producing energy for several months after you reserve your spot. This is because they have to be completely filled before they start producing energy, so all spots are reserved well in advance.

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